What in the world is happening?

Why am I here? I honestly don’t know. I worked on Gender Dreaming for over 10 years, pretty much every day, helping tens of thousands of women, and even a few men, get the baby they were hoping for, and now the site appears to be gone. I hope everything is ok with the site owner and if this is truly the end of the site, I wish her the best with her life moving forward. For my part, I am feeling a little blindsided by this turn of events, as I made promises of assistance that I now can’t live up to, whether that is temporarily or forever. I have absolutely no answers to give you. I’m still asking them myself.

What I do know is I’m still here, and if you’re still here too, maybe Substack could be another way for us to keep in touch. If you’re thinking of trying natural gender swaying methods to boost your odds of having a baby boy or a baby girl, safely, sanely, and with a quick time to conception, I can help. If I was helping you with your sway on Gender Dreaming, I’m still happy to assist you however I can.

If you have questions about natural gender selection…

My most important swaying essays are or will be posted on my atomic sagebrush’s Complete Gender Swaying Library here: Blog – atomic's Complete Gender Swaying Library. On this Substack, I’ll be sending out shorter posts about various subjects a couple of times a week, and I’ll answer questions for subscribers.

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atomic sagebrush

I'm a fertility doula with over a decade of experience and a specialty in natural gender selection methods. If you're interested in gender swaying for family balancing, I can help.